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February 22, 2017 -- Black Americans are seldom reminded that we live at the apex of human civilization and are the beneficiaries of the most advanced technology ever experienced. Black Americans enjoy the highest standard of living of any black population anywhere in the world at anytime in history. 

Cultural Marxism saturates the minds of black Americans with a sense of victimization and entitlement to justice. That false sense of victimization is often the driver behind black-on-white violent crime. 

Below is an example that may demonstrate the tragic outcome of convincing our black countrymen that the are unjustly oppressed when, in reality, the are extraordinarily blessed. 

• A 25-year-old medical student was effectively executed outside a Walmart in Ashland, Virginia. 

Ashley Fricke was gainfully employed at a nearby Holiday Inn while she worked on a degree as a medical assistant. She was engaged to be married. Friends said the victim had a bright future ahead of her. That future was simply erased with the twitch of a trigger finger. 

Arrested for the senseless murder is 24-year-old Brittany L. Wiggins. Wiggins is black. The victim was white. 

No motive was given by the media for the crime. It was reported February 19, 2017. 

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  1. Why isn't this listed as a hate crime? The other way around it would of been listed a hate crime and every new station would beat this story half to deato. I am so sick of these stories being ignored.