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February 4, 2017 -- "Dr. Phil " McGraw went on ABC's The View and was confronted with a question by co-host Joy Behar: 'Is Donald Trump a narcissist?'

Dr. Phil was prepared for the question and read a list of traits of narcissism — to which Behar responded, "Check, check check..."

However, the famed psychologist made it clear that narcissistic traits were common among men who have occupied the Oval Office, but that narcissism was present when it impedes the narcissist's ability to function. 

So what's up with this?

Stigmatizing people as evil a common ploy to convince others to hate that person. For example, the far left has attempted to stigmatized Trump as a racist and fascist who hates women. Now they are attempting to demonize him as a man with a mental disorder: narcissism.

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