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February 21, 2017 -- Louis Farrakhan was greeted by thousands of cheering black "zombies" as he was introduced at the 2017 Nation of Islam conference in Detroit.

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  1. Honestly, if Blacks really believed in the separatism that LF espouses (sincerely or not), it'd be great. The problem arises when Blacks get their identity boosted relative to Whites, but actually have no intention of separating from Whites. (For instance, this can give them higher percieved status in the dating market, etc). It's especially bad when White liberals (or, (((liberals))), as the case may be), claim, "Oy vey, it's soo bad that the poor schvartzes feel they're so oppressed that they have to go all the way to Black Nationalism, let's cuck White people even more so Blacks don't have to do that"