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February 7, 2017 -- The End Zone Militia — a group that has been a fixture at Boston's victory parades of the past — were denied access this year. 

The reason?

No one knows; not even the local media that broke the story. 

My best guess: They're white males who, according to cultural Marxism, are to be demonized and ostracized as the oppressive bourgeois.


Some very familiar faces at Patriots home games are feeling a bit snubbed ahead of the rolling rally. 

Members of the End Zone Militia who help celebrate Patriots touchdowns tell FOX25 the City of Boston has said they cannot participate in the victory parade as they have in year's past. 

The militia is hoping for a Hail Mary and a change of heart from the city. The group's leader tells FOX25 he's extremely disappointed in the decision to leave them out of the celebration. At the parade two years ago, the group walked the route leading a duck boat. 

They are hoping the city changes its mind before the parade steps off Tuesday morning. FOX25 has reached out to the City of Boston to find out why the group has been denied from participating.
A primary component of cultural genocide is erasing society's accurate cultural memory and displacing it with a false memory. 

The cultural memory being erased: White people built Western culture — including the United States — that enhances to lives of humanity through its extraordinary innovation. 

The displacement false memory: White people are evil racist who exploit non-white people and other protected classes designated as "victims" by cultural Marxism. 

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