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February 6, 2017 -- If you are a sane white person, you may not express your views on race without be stigmatized with the "racist" pejorative. 

However, if you are a liberal, you may enter into an endless diatribe of cultural Marxist dogma espousing the silly notion that the success of one person causes the failure of another person. 

As a result, only the cultural Marxism view of race can be heard. 

Enter NBA coach Gregg Popovich. 

According to, the checkered coated one said, "If you work hard and lace up your shoes, you can have the American dream, that’s a bunch of hogwash."

Speaking to Jabari Young, who covers the Spurs & NBA for the San Antonio Express-News, the five-time NBA champion mused that he is always intrigued when asked if we always have to talk about race. “You’re damned right we do,” he scolds. Popovich claims racism is America’s “national sin” and it is “systemic” when it comes to equality of opportunity.

“If you were born white, you automatically have a monstrous advantage educationally, economically, culturally in this society,” insists Popovich who turned 68 last week. Popovich doesn’t talk about the fact that blacks hold a three to one margin of players over whites in the NBA, totaling 68% of the league according to a 2014 census survey. Certainly, some of those blacks got to the NBA by lacing up their shoes and working hard.
Popovich coaches at team of underprivileged black millionaires. We wonder if he toes the cultural Marxism line to remain in good favor with brainwashed players?

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