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February 7, 2017 -- It's mislabeled as "anti-Islamophobia" and "anti-bullying." 

In reality it's thought reform indoctrination intended to brainwash America's most vulnerable — school children. And it's underway right now.


Hanif Mohebi of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said he's been called to more than a dozen schools since the election in November to teach students and teachers how to handle bullying of Muslims. Thursday, his audience was a little different: Latino students at Logan Elementary School. "Where you're sitting, I used to sit there," Mohebi said to the seventh- and eighth-graders. "And without my beard, I used to look exactly like you, and people used to think I'm Mexican. So I've heard all the negative stuff that they will say. And it hurts."
I wonder if Mohebi will explain to ten-year-old American children why a ten-year-old girl in Iraq was tortured to death for stepping outside her home. 

Reports say the girl was cleaning her house in Iraw when spotted accidentally stepping over the threshold. That's a capital offense under shariah law. 

Meanwhile, in Washington DC, a United States congressman has proposed legislation that would end the reign of terror of the Dept. of Education. The DOE was established by leftist-loon President Jimmy Carter. Every Republican president since hasn't had the courage or character to put it out of our misery. 

According to

The same day Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the secretary of education, one Republican congressman introduced legislation seeking to eliminate the Department of Education altogether. Rep. Thomas Massie’s bill is only one page long and states, “The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2018.” In a statement released by the Kentucky Republican, he explained the need for bill and argued education be determined on a local level.

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