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February 4, 2017 -- Hypocritical. 

There is no better term I can think of to describe the abject inconsistency of leftist ideology. 

On one hand, Robert De Niro condemned Donald Trump. "How dare he?" the actor asked. He was referring to Trump saying he wanted to punch someone in the face. 

However, when De Niro dared to say the same thing, host Joy Behar got giddy and the Trumpophobic crowd cheered. 

Violence against patriots who support president Trump continues. 

Why are they so frustrated? 

The globalist left thought they had won. 

They had managed to infiltrate the American population with 11 million illegal aliens. They were importing Islamic insurgents by the tens of thousands. The had successfully ji-jacked America's democracy, they believed, and the game was over. Democracy would now be a formality to coronate future leftist dictators like Barack Obama.   

Hillary Clinton would be their crowning jewel. 

At the last moment, however, patriots rose to the occasion and snatched victory from their hate-filled canines. A wall would be built stopping the inflow of illegal aliens, extreme vetting would reduce the flood of Islamic insurgents to a mere trickle, and one or more Supreme Court justices would be appointed by Donald Trump to consolidate the American vision as implemented by our founders.

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