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February 5, 2017 -- No, it's not the Ku Klux Klan or neo-Nazis that are raining down intolerance and violence on those they hate. Rather, the most prolific and dangerous hate group in America today is comprised of Trumpophobes. 

It's not a matter of different skin color, but different opinions. 

Age doesn't matter. 

Even 12-year-olds are attacked. 

One example is Missouri middle-school student who was assaulted for wearing an iconic Make American Great Again red cap while riding his school bus. 

The attack was video recorded on a cell phone. The victim was pushed and punched, according to reports. 

From in Chesterfield, Missouri: 

In cell phone video of the incident sent to News 4, the students are heard arguing over President Trump's proposed Mexican border wall. The situation quickly escalates to pushing and what looks likes some punches thrown. A Parkway District spokesperson says the incident was investigated and all the students involved have faced "consequences." The spokesperson adds the district is also working to sit the students down and reach an peaceful understanding.
Government schools are fond of teaching inclusion. However, their classes on "equity" focus exclusively on select groups of protected people groups that fit the cultural Marxism paradigm. Those with ideologies that fail to fit the cultural Marxism narrative are fair game for intolerance, hatred, and violence. 

There are, no doubt, many other such attacks that are not video recorded and don't come to the public's attention. 

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