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January 5, 2017 -- Everyone believes in climate change. There are no climate change deniers or skeptics. There are, however, many who question the extent that human activities affect the climate. Left-wing extremists pretend that free-market capitalism is destroying the environment. The solution, of course, is global Marxism.

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  1. He didn't destroy him, but he did flummox him with the fatuousness of his oft-repeated question: how do you know 99% of Climate Scientists accept that Climate Change is established science.

    Using Carlson's argument ("you haven't met or counted them all") it becomes impossible to know virtually anything you haven't measured or otherwise substantiated yourself.

    Scientists as a group may be mistaken, but they are not among the groups of people with a track record of lying. If the Climate Scientist of the World, through their respective bodies say without notable contradiction from among their ranks that this is established science, I am inclined to believe them until a large body of experts in the same disciplines say it isn't so. There are one or two contrarians, sure, but no body of skeptics to offer contradiction. Meanwhile the temperatures in the Arctic are measuring 20 degrees above normal and more.

    That's how we know anything. It is for Tucker Carlson to find evidence that this is not the consensus of scientific opinion (which, for the record) it is.

    Physics is not open to partisan contradiction. Conservatives should never have decided this was a Liberal conspiracy to force change on a reluctant world, but they did.