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December 21, 2016 -- A Milwaukee school teacher was suspended after instructing students to write an essay in the defense of Klansmen. The intent was to instruct the 7th graders in critical thinking. Here's the kicker: The teacher is black.

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  1. The thing is Historically there was a VERY good reason for the birth of the Klan in the south. Self defense and justice. Much of the South was under Martial law for several years by angry hateful Yankees who LOVED insulting and humiliating Southerners. They also placed blacks out of the fields into congress and senates of southern states. There were hordes of vengeful freed slaves roaming the country side with nowhere to go so they established camps like hobo camps. Southern women were raped and in that time this was to a southern man untenable. Yankee soldiers would laugh and jeer as blacks shoved whites off the sidwalks into the filthy dung ridden streets so Nathan Bedford Forrest said we need a secret militia to take care of this problem to mete out justice where it is due and to protect our own! And it was the truth. Like so many things that start well end up bad because one day the Yankees went home and all that stored up rage had nowhere to go but on the heads of the blacks who to be fair had enjoyed humiliating whites even though most never owned a single slave. So this man should not have been fired because in fact he was CORRECT! historically