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November 14, 2016 -- A terrified pregnant white woman was brutally attacked as she attempted to maneuver her vehicle though a mass of Trumpophobic demonstrators. 

We, however, are being led to believe that little Muslim children are at home tearfully cowering in tears while the wide spectrum of gaysters terrified and non-whites are trembling at the prospect of being mob attacked. 

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi complains that all of her employees are living in fear in the aftermath of the presidential election.

Nooyi is an avid Hillary supporter.

We are given the impression that little Muslim children are cowering in tears, terrified that the Donald monster will devour them alive. Gays and others within the LB(whatever) community are terrified as are the broad spectrum of non-whites. 

Creating false realities and false narratives to bend our minds is what cultural Marxism does. 

It's the current victimization strategy of the far left; an effort to demonize and stereotype those they hate; namely, Donald Trump and his supporters. 

Reality is the exact opposite. 

There have been numerous documented reports of Trumpsters physically assaulted even as hordes of Trumpophobes violently rampage across the country. 

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