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November 14, 2016 -- A "credible" Pakistani news source is reporting that Donald Trump was born in that country and was adopted in London, England. 

It's a new twist on the birther phenomenon that annoyed Barack Obama for years.

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  1. Jan Sobieski

    The difference being of course that President Trump, Vini Vidi Deus Vicit, is of Scottish/German extraction.

    Whiter than Typhoid shrillary's pallor
    as Robert Burns'observation,

    “The best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft a-gley”,

    was reaffirmed by the media's reluctant
    sounding of the Bell's of Hell.
    Bring out your dead...
    i'd imagine.

    Hell being a not far distant terminus
    of her and rapist hubby's unholy sojourn.
    The first nog President a rape-ape??????
    Who could forsee such an eventuality???
    Must have been an outliar.

    The late cross species homosexualist
    cunningly seeking cover behind une barbe de Kween Kong, and a coupla generic sub Harambe's.

    Never seen without a set of golf spear's or a chess mat.

    Dat beeatch sho be sofistamiccaytid!

    At odds with hemisphere, Continent, Nation, and let's face it,Humanity.
    God, Nature and Man.
    Irrespective of geographic origin.

    Commanding the ocean of reality to retreat.
    King Canute doing so to demonstrate the LIMIT's od his power's.
    Not his intellect.

    Mother Nature doesn't tolerate mockery.
    She won't be monkeyshined, by an abomination, and its pig in knickers "2001 A Space Odyssey" throwback fellow-traveller's.

    Imagine a chattering of starling's inserting itself amongst a muster of Emperor penguin's in Antarctica.
    Their eventual fate would fall far short of copacetic.
    From the perspective of their safe space.
    Regardless of the nuffin's they did or dindu.
    Mother Nature.
    Don't bring a false premise to an Empirical Evidence fight.

    There was an obscure but erudite fellow last century who had a sign over one of his country's economic migrant centre's' gate's, declaiming, "Jedem das Seine",to each his own.

    I forget his name. Animal lover, vegetarian, banned vivisection experiment's on them.

    Anyway you get the idea.

    Congratulations to you and your kind!