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November 16, 2016 -- Donald Trump has promised to provide vouchers to inner city children, allowing them to attend high-quality private schools rather than being locked in to government schools dominated by teachers' unions. 

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  1. I do hope he won't want to prove too much that he is not what the dems and media libeled him wrongly all those months, i.e. racist, islamophobic, homophobic, sexist etc that he won't want to be the president of all (and so of none as the hyphen groups obviously want different Americas). He needs to be what he said he wanted to be: the one who will fix America and make it great again, and so foremost the president of those who voted for him.

    My fear is that instead of being the hero of his voters, he will dream of being the super hero of all Americans, even of the world (and so of diversity and not of the Whites, of globalism and not of his people.) That instead of a little bit of narcissism, he has too much. That instead of being not a racist and maybe even a novice/redneck race realist, I fear that he is a progressist, just not anti-white. That instead of reaching for justice, he will fall into fairness.

    Because then, better Hillary and a rapid destruction of the white world, when we are still numerous and strong, than a slow death in the warming pan, when it is not enough bad for Whites to wake up and fight for their lives and future.