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October 20, 2016

Solent news and photography agency -- 'Cultural appropriation' is a language-loading concept used by cultural Marxism. It's primary function is make white people feel guilty, a method of thought reform. 

Example: A white person who wears her hair in a weave is a racist, according to leftist loons, because she is 'appropriating' a black hair style. 

Cultural appropriation only applies to white people (the bourgeois) and never to 'people of color' (another language-loading precept) who comprise the proletariat. Black females, for example, are free to wear wigs that emulate white European hair styles without fear of being laden with guilt feelings that accompany false allegations of racism.  

A case in point: 

A Halloween costume based upon the Latino 'Day of the Dead' celebration is consider 'cultural appropriation' by those who wish to immerse white people in feelings of guilt.


Asda was today accused of ‘cultural appropriation’ for selling a Halloween costume which has been labelled as disrespectful to Mexicans. The supermarket has been criticised by shoppers for its ‘Halloween Day of the Dead skeleton costume’ inspired by the annual Dia de Muertos festival in Mexico.

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