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October 7, 2016 -- Our thoughts are being channeled by political correctness, otherwise known as 'thought control.'

It seems to be an endless phenomenon. reports that pulled a burka costume from its virtual shelves after complaints of racism. It seems the burka outfit was a bit too sexy for some Muslims to handle. 
(Islam, by the way, is not a race. It's an ideology of hate masquerading as a religion.)

Oddly, features an array of not-so-sexy burkas starting at around $10. An authentic blue blurka can be had for about $200. 

Let's pretend that Islam's 1,400 years of terror and mayhem is non-existent. That may be a bit challenging for the families of victims who died in the 29,397 Islamic terror attacks that have occurred since September 11, 2001.

Seems to me that if Islam wanted to improve its reputation it would stop blowing people up. Which reminds me: If you find an Islamic blow-up doll on Amazon, don't buy it. 

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  1. "If you find an Islamic blow-up doll on Amazon, don't buy it."

    I just had to clean Mountain Dew off my computer screen after reading that and Some of it came out my NOSE!! That hasn't happened to me since 2nd grade... Thanx Man... LMAO, do you have any idea how bad that burned?