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October 9, 2016 -- About 500,000 Brazilians voted to secede from Brazil to form their own nation. 

Most of the voters were white. 

The unofficial and non-binding plebiscite took place in Brazil's southern three states — Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina — where people of Italian, German, and Portuguese ancestry dominate the populations. 

Many areas in the region still speak German as their native language. 

Of 617,000 ballots cast, 94 percent voted for secession. 

The residents believe they are being held back by the Brazilian government and can do better on their own. They complain of shouldering the tax burden that supports the government's massive welfare state that benefits non-white Brazilians. 

“We in the south have the conditions to sustain ourselves and generate riches. Today we generate a mountain of riches in taxes and benefits which are exported, and there is no counterpart,” said José Gonçalves, a business manager voting in favor of independence in the southern city of Porto Alegre, in an interview posted on YouTube by the city’s Jornal do Comércio newspaper.
Apparently many non-whites also support secession, realizing they would enjoy an enriched lifestyle in a new, white-majority nation.

If you understand Portugese, here is a YouTube video produced by the secessionist movement. 

The movement originated in 1992 as 'The South is My Country.'

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  1. This article can lead to very misleading interpretation about Brazil.
    Firstly, in the regional division of 1945, São Paulo (the largest, most industrious and developed Brazilian State) was also part of the Southern region. In 1932, after the coup d’etat of a socialist dictator, a separatist revolution happened in São Paulo – which by that time, 90% of its working class was Italian, mostly of Venetian origin – and guess what? The region that is today referred as “South” along with the rest of Brazil collaborated with the dictatorial socialist government to put a stop in São Paulo instead of joining forces to defeat tyranny.
    Thanks to these Southern TRAITORS, dictator Getúlio Vargas made a policy of forced assimilation that was intended to make European immigrants give up their culture in order to mix with blacks, Indians etc to artificially create an unique “Brazilian national identity” that in the end never had any cohesion and formed a people with no consistent cultural identity at all.
    Today, São Paulo is the most “conservative” State and has 70% of whites (that decreased mainly because of immigration from poorer regions and population transfer of Haitian and Nigerian “refugees” who settled in other States to São Paulo, because the communist government wants to break the city’s surviving economy to impose a Venezuelan-style dictatorship in the country by all means possible).
    The South region, is not as “conservative” as it claims, there are even States that banned Christian symbols from law courts, schools, etc to please LGBT useful idiots. They are lazy, treacherous hypocrites – not as different from those of other regions they criticize - who helped to destroy São Paulo even though, ironically, they depend on its economy, being Welfare State parasites themselves.
    Yeah, M.M.D.C. FTW!!! lol