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October 10, 2016 -- White hypocrites in Vermont have replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Vermont is the second whitest state in the nation, following West Virginia. 

According to, 94.8 percent of the state's residents are white and only 0.4 percent are American Indian and Alaska Native. 1.3 percent of the population is black.


Vermont’s governor issued a proclamation Monday in honor of the “sacrifice and contributions of the First Peoples of this land,” including the Abenaki, their ancestors and allies.
• White leftists are extreme racists who objectify Indians as leverage.

• Those opting to displace American heritage with cultural Marxist nonsense are largely hypocrites. If they truly cared about Indians, they would relocate near Indian reservations where they could redistribute their white privilege. Considering the nation's Indian population is experiencing high unemployment rates, the influx of redistributed white privilege would do much more that a superfluous celebration in a state where fewer than one half of one percent of the residents are Indigenous People.

Perhaps the state could consider importing refugees from Indian reservations. 

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This video satirizes whites who stereotype Indians

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  1. eloi protecting the morlocks crazy ain't it.

  2. I wonder id they also replace Corn and Turkey on Thanksgiving with Human Meat. After all, we should honor the Indian way.

  3. There is no such thing as indigenous people. If we assume, arguendo, that the human race started somewhere in Africa (Lucy and her ancestors), then you have to concede that that original group moved. Maybe in search of food, water, weather.... Scientists believe that people crossed the Bering land mass perhaps 15,000 to 20,000 years ago and migrated north and south. So while those people were the first to arrive, they were in fact immigrants, like thousands of others after them.