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October 5, 2016 -- 16-year-old William Cade Booher was shot in the head multiple times after he handed over $50 during an armed robbery. 

Booher was in a vehicle driven by 18-year-old Dane Mathesius. Mathesius was also executed, his body found days later. 

Both Booher and Matthesius were white. 

Three black males were identified as suspects. Two were arrested and a third remained at large. All three are 17-years-old. 

The crimes occurred in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. 

Two of the black teens — Foster and Jones — play for Aliquippa High School's football team and participated in a game days after the murders. 

• There appears to be a pattern that children raised by the village become street thugs. 

• While innocent white people are being murdered by blacks across the country, blacks complain of micro-aggressions. 

The crimes were reported October 5, 2016. 

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  1. every day i visit here new black on white horrific crimes. i would guess 100 whites are murdered each week by them. and assaults,robberies,rapes.intimidation,probably in the 1000's i turn on tv its a black being shot by cops pointing guns and im supposed to be outraged? iam by that lieing media and black crime. the police don't need to change black people do.

  2. I bet they also knelt down at that football game to protest police brutality against poor blacks