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October 4, 2016 / -- 17-year-old Bryan Allen Thompson was murdered outside a recreational center in Sherwood, Arkansas.

The crime occurred in broad daylight — about 2:30 pm — on April 21, 2016.  

Three black teens — 17-year-old Xavier Porter, 15-year-old Quincy Parker, and 14-year-old Trevone Miller — were arrested in connection with the murder. 

Charges include aggravated robbery and murder. 

The accused were assigned a court date in October, 2016. 

• Thompson was apparently shot to death as he sat in his car. Investigators originally assumed the death was caused by suicide. 

The victim's aunt said her family was praying for the families of the alleged killers and is trying to forgive them. "I know that when you do forgive, you release the heartache from your own heart and I don't want that in my life."

Rather then riot, friends of the victim held a candlelight vigil. 

• Black thugs have hunted white people for sport for generations. They frequently hunt in packs of three. 

The attacks often result in severe injury or, as in the tragic case of Thompson, death. 

The epidemic of black-on-white violence is inexcusable. The silence of the mainstream national media; even more so. The media, however, prefers to fret over the deaths of black thugs who are killed in self defense while attacking police officers.

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