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October 13, 2016 -- In January, 2016, archaeologists were introduced to an amazing find in Britain: A near-perfect, 3,000-year-old Bronze age village. 

The village has been preserved in a bog where bacteria could not destroy it. 

The find reveals that ancient Britons were highly industrialized, managed a massive farm, and traded their bounty with faraway places. 

Among the find is a complete wheel, the oldest found in Britain. Thoroughfares transported people and trade over long distances. Beads made of ostrich eggs were found at the site were considered luxury goods imported from the Mediterranean region. Metalworking molds were found at the site.

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• The find confirms, again, that wherever free white people are found, they are innovative and prosperous. 

• The implication is that Briton has been home to innovative people for thousands of years. 

The open-border policy the prevails in Europe is destroying the most innovative cultures in world history, and the destruction is occurring in our lifetime. 

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