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October 6, 2016

Twitter (welch's grape juice) -- First, why would a government school feature a culture day? 

I'll wait one second for your response. 

Yep. You got it. 

Culture Day is, no doubt, a ploy to further the myth that white people are oppressors. All others are oppressed. 

Granted, there is nothing wrong with appreciating the cultures of all people groups. However, the absurdities implanted in the minds of students transcends appreciation and delves into thought control. 

Students learn that white have appropriated the cultures of non-whites. Oddly, the same accusers are the first to claim that diversity is our strength. 

Yes, they can have it both ways and, yes, they are hypocrites in so doing. After all, if liberals were logical they wouldn't be liberals. 

One student dressed like a burglar for his school's cultural day. He was demonstrating the myth the white people steal from other people's culture. 

Buy a plane ticket. Travel anywhere on the planet. What you will find in virtually every inhabited place on earth are people enjoying the life enhancement invented by white people; from advanced healthcare to lightbulbs. We stole nothing. We give everything. 

Oh. And about those Small-Pox infested blankets some white guy claimed he gave to American Indians: Small Pox is almost exclusively spread through the air. Google Edward Jenner and learn about the evil, privileged white devil who discovered the Small Pox vaccine and, in so doing, saved the lives of, perhaps, millions and indirectly is responsible for the lives of their progeny. 

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