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October 19, 2016 -- A Norman, Oklahoma teacher told his class that all whites are racists.

"To be white is to be racist," he said.
The teacher had recently attended a seminar where he was apparently radicalized; possibly the White Privilege Conference. 

The high school class was compelled to watch a video in which a non-white presented a globe, then used white-out to paint over a section of the globe and writing his own name on the covered section. He then explained that's what white people do. 

The video prompted one student to video record the class. The student's video was presented by a local television station prompting the school's superintendent to 'look into the matter.'

The school representative didn't seem to disapprove of the teacher's anti-white rhetoric. The teacher appears to be white. 

Cultural Marxism divides us into two broad groups: (a) people of color and (b) white people. That is, (a) the oppressed proletariat and (b) the oppressing bourgeoisie. 

Most students are unaware they are enduring a thought reform program. 

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  1. Sis you ever wonder why Adolf Hitler, after 14 years of campaigning against Jews and Marxism, when he came to power, turned his wrath first and foremost against the Marxists?
    It was because he knew who the white man's real enemy is: The enemy within

  2. these creatures are truly unbearable at this time. how many murders and rapes robberies intimidation does this lowIQ race commit world wide millions countless. then that ape has the audacity to tell children this frankfurt school lies, idiots like these are put in high positions worldwide to destroy. and this idiot doesn't know lev davidovitch bronstein made up that word it means chase the last white man down. NO the racist are these vile dangerous silly blacks who would be in a mud hut still if not for white intervention they and their cultural marxist masters need too go.

  3. i wrote the above article i still stand by every word its true. but i looked and its a white teacher that wrote this, this creature is dangerous as the simian! either a pure communist or brainwashed or not to bright gawd these schools are gone the frankfurt cultural marxist need deported with them.

  4. I would rather live in a white neighborhood. So would many black people. It is ok to be racist. Better racist than communist.