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October 9, 2016 -- A white teacher at a black school in Richmond, Virginia went berserk at school. 

The teacher stormed out of class, frustrated by the lack of discipline. 


"I have been threatened multiple times," the teacher screams. "I don't come here to put my life in danger from other people's nonsense. I don't go home, go to sleep, then come to work and expect to be threatened... I don't deserve it."
• Every school teacher should be required to teach in a black school for at least one year as a prerequisite to licensing. The encounter with reality will purge their minds of white guilt and the false notion of white privilege. 

• Is this why government schools were racially segregated? 

The far-left would have us to believe that segregation was an expression of white racism; that whites suffered from an phobic reaction to people with really dark skin. In reality segregation allowed white students the opportunity to receive a proper education without being subjected to constant ratchet behavior and violence. 

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  1. This is why sh#tskins average I.Q is about 75 .They come to school not to learn . But to cause as much disruption as they can . You can take a monkey out of the jungle ,but you can never take the jungle out of the monkey .

    1. in sub saharan africa the avg. IQ is 70. That is considered retarded in the US. In the US the avg black IQ is around 83. Blacks are stupid. They loose contact with the middle school curriculum in 9th and 10th grade.

  2. We need to bring segregation back. It would save many millions of White lives, plus billions a year in property damage, theft, etc. I don't much care if the negroes kill each other out. Make them subsidize themselves.

  3. teach white children stupid! you're wastin your time with that shit. and all they teach is cultural marxist bullshit anyways. its black history month year round and islam and the holocaust and feminism.