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October 3, 2016 -- Careful. You may trigger a liberal. 

Conservative students at University of Kansas were shouted down. 

The conservative Young Americans for Freedom meeting was hijacked by about 100 leftist loons. Some were black; one of which loudly lectured the conservatives on white privilege, a bogus abstract concocted by the left to enslave the minds of gullible black people. 

One of the loons claimed he shouted because he was triggered by the words "blacks" and "illegals." 


Carpenter yelled back in response that “I shouted when you said ‘blacks’, when you said ‘illegal’, when there should been [sic] a wall, you wanted the right to say ‘illegal,’ and you misgendered my friends over and over again! That’s when I shouted at you! And I have that humanity that I can shout when you come for me with hate speech in a room! So I need you to know that.”
So why are they triggered by two words?

It's called 'loading of the language' and it's used as a element of thought reform. 

Dr. Robert J. Lifton described 'loading of the language' as follows: A rhetoric and a language that only permits the claims of the particular group to be expressed. Alternative claims are blocked out by the very language.

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