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October 14, 2016 -- You would think the councilwoman from Philadelphia could make better use of her time. 

Helen Gym is incensed over a food truck bearing the name, "WHEELY WHEELY GOOD."

The name, she says, is racist. 

What's more, the caricatures depicted on the truck's side are also racist. The font style used to letter the signage is also racist. 

Where does the insanity end? 

Gym apparently believes that "wheely" is mocking some East Asians who have difficulty pronouncing the 'R' round. 

The owners of the food truck dare to differ. The caricatures — one of an Asian woman and the other of an Asian man — depict the owners who are East Asians. 

Gym seems to be on a cultural-Marxism fueled witch hunt. Globalists have a marked aversion for ethnic, racial, and cultural distinctions. They want East Asians — and all people groups — to shed their cultural identities to become part of the world community. 

In my opinion, that would make Gym the racist. 

Apparently a few Republicans sided with the truck's owners. 


The coverage of the food truck has led to the Republican City Committee headquarters hiring Wheely Wheely Good to cater a presidential debate watch event next week.
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