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October 5, 2016 -- It seems Donald Trump may have the millennials vote, at least those old enough to cast a ballot from New London High School in Wisconsin. 

The students there have designated their homecoming theme: "Make Homecoming Great Again."

A least one stodgy old liberal parent complained.


"When you're trying to promote an inclusive environment for all students, you certainly stay away from anything related to politics because we know politics are divisive — they don't bring people together — and that includes children within a school setting," said Maria Turner, a New London High School parent. 
It seems liberals want to include everyone except those with whom they disagree. 

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  1. blacks and moonbats killing and burning white people upsets me shut the fuck up,and don't vote. since women got the vote in 1898 2 world wars and the federal reserve and every crazy cultural marxist plan implemented get back in the kitchen and SHUTUP.