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October 12, 2016 -- A hijab-wearing Muslim student unleashed a tirade of hate when an Australian man walked on campus. 

The confrontation occurred as the man entered Curtin University in Perth, Australia.

"You have no right to be here!" she screamed.

The encounter was video recorded by the victim.

The man was wearing a shirt supporting Pauline Hanson, a senator in Queensland. Hanson's One Nation political party advocates banning all Islamic immigration to Australia. 

The Muslim accused her victim of being a proto-fascist which, we assume, is a cultural Marxism loaded-language term suggesting that patriots are the harbinger of fascism. 

Insights and implications:

• We find it interesting that some universities have fences and gates that are analogous to nation borders. One cannot simply enter a campus without having a reason to be there. It's akin to requirements such as citizenship, passports, or visas permitting individuals to be in a country. 

• It never occurs to the Muslim that she doesn't belong in Australia. 

• The Muslim accuses the man of being a proto-fascist. In reality, the presence of Islam in Australia is proto-sharia. 

• Triggering seems to be universal strategy of the far left. That is, they react with an outburst of rage which, we assume, is an act or pretense. The objectives appear to be to stun the opponent into silence which pretending to be triggered by the opponent's "hate."

The far left is unable to confront patriotism with rationalism. 

• Always carry a video device. 

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  1. diversity = chase the last white man down.

  2. Not that long ago only WHITES were allowed to immigrate to the USA and Australia, too bad that was rescinded.

  3. There is an old saying: what goes around, comes around. ISLAMIC, LBGT, BlackLiesMatter, socialists/communists all think they own the First Amendment (and other countries' versions) and can withdraw that right from whomever they choose. But eventually someone else wants to be the exclusive owner and will try to withdraw this right from the ISLAMICs, LBGT, BlackLiesMatter and socialists/communists. Same is true for their beloved "tax the rich." Eventually, by someone else's standard, THEY will be the rich. All of this is far to complex for these groups to figure out or foresee. Yes, reason and logic are white privilege as far as they are concerned, which basically means it is too complex for their little undeveloped brains.