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October 5, 2016 -- Take a good look at the photo below.

What do you see? 

You may see a person holding a sign reading "BILL CLINTON A RAPIST".

The event was a Hillary campaign rally featuring Bill Clinton.

• We've got to wonder: How did she get that sign past security? Apparently she wore it. Inside-out. The sign appears to be a shirt. She also wore the frame, we suppose, under her clothing. 

That tells us security is lax at Clinton events. 

• Note also the person is a woman. We are led to believe that virtually all women are supporters of Hillary. 

You've heard the saying, "There's a special place in hell for women who don't support women"? Somehow the "women's movement" forgot that mantra in 2010. That's when Republican Meg Whitman ran against Jerry Brown. Feminists decided they rather go to hell that vote Republican. 

• If you look close enough, you will see the tiny head of Bill Clinton mumbling to the less-than-energetic crowd. We know that because the image is a screen shot from a video. 

• Most telling is this: The size of the crowd seems minuscule. Keep in mind this is a presidential election. The fate of the world is at risk. Few seem to be enthusiastic about electing Hillary as the first woman president. 

Polls show that Donald Trump has, once again, gained the lead. 

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  1. White people know how to improvise , overcome , adapt . Good work lady.