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October 19, 2016 -- Nine Americans lost their lives over the weekend in Chicago due to gun fire. 40 were shot. 

Violence in America's urban centers has escalated in recent months as the media couple with the Black Lives Matter hoax has compelled police departments to stand down. 

The void created by the absence of police protection has been filled by black violence. Nearly all the victims are black. 

One victim was fatally shot in the head while driving down a Chicago street. 

Obviously, Black Lives Matter and the enabling media are more concerned with creating social unrest that protecting black lives. Black Americans are being objectified as leverage to create a rift between the black community and law enforcement. 

Unfortunately, the average IQ among black Americans is about 85 leaving meaning incapable of understanding they are being manipulated by the far left. 

The name 'black lives matter,' then, becomes a misnomer.
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