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October 6, 2016 -- Leave it to the left-leaning media to compare sub-Sarahan "refugees" to slaves packed in boats like sardines. 

According to, one boat packed with sub-Saharan blacks included 29 dead bodies — 19 females and 10 males — who died of asphyxiation during their voyage across the Mediterranean en route to Italy. 

According to the report, "As the rescuers approached, they found overloaded wooden vessels and rafts that evoked scenes of the slave trade."

• Sub-Saharan Africans have never been able to develop stable and prosperous societies. (If you know of any prosperous black-dominated nations, please indicate in the comment section below).

When Europeans delivered Western technology to sub-Saharan Africa, the far left accused them of colonialism, imperialism, and exploitation of natural resources. In reality the presence of Western influence in Africa lifted the continent high above millennia of abject poverty, technological ineptness, famines,  epidemics, and perennial inter-tribal warfare. 

When Western colonial control was relinquished, sub-Saharan Africa began regressing to the norm, even with billions of dollars in annual aid. In 2012 alone the United States government sent $12-billion in aid to African nations, ostensibly for development assistance. 

Even after the influence of Western presence and billions in aid, sub-Saharan Africans are still desperate to flee their circumstances, bringing the ineptness to Western nations where they blame their disparity of income on white racism. 

• The real reason sub-Saharan African populations lag behind the West is the lack of intellectual aptitude. The average population among black Africans is about 70. Click here to see nations by IQ.

Allow sub-Saharan Africans to invade the West will lower the average intelligence of Western nations. It's a phenomenon I call cultural (or intellectual) thermo dynamics. 

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