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October 7, 2016 -- Why are these people smiling? 

(Watch video below)

Joe Chandler / Gazette-Virginian

It may be they watched white-guilt classic movie, To Kill A Mockingbird. The photo identifies them as James Lloyd Terry and two of his defense attorneys. 

The District Attorney wants Terry put to death. 

His offense?

Terry was convicted of the brutal murder of an 84-year-old white woman. 

According to

Terry, clad in an orange jumpsuit, quietly nodded and answered “yes sir” to questions posed by Cunningham and admitted he was guilty of the capital murder of Rice while attempting to rob her; the capital murder of Rice while committing object sexual penetration; attempted robbery and two counts of object sexual penetration.
The crime occurred in Halifax, Virginia in 2011.

I wonder if Hollywood will ever make a movie that accurately depicts violent black-on-white crime?

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