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October 10, 2016 -- A black bigot disrupted a commerce class to inform white university students that they must join her racist hate group. 

The disruption occurred at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and was met with enthusiastic applause from black students. 

“If there is going to be blood, it’s not going to be ours,” she threatened.


The protesting student states that white students must use their “privilege” and “stand in solidarity” with the #FeesMustFall movement. She adds that the matter is not up for discussion, and that “we are instructing you”. The student further states that black South Africans have no reason to live in peace with white South Africans, and that they would no longer be passive while “violence is imposed on our bodies”. “If there is going to be blood, it’s not going to be ours,” she said.
South Africa was founded in the 17th century by Dutch explorers. They found the land largely uninhabited, save for a few Bantu tribes. 

True to their nature, the white settlers introduced innovation that brought a level of prosperity to the region never before imagined by sub-Saharan Africans. The result was hordes of blacks pouring into the area to reap the benefits of white prosperity. 

Eventually, the black invaders overwhelmed the white population and, in 1994, overthrew their government. Since then South Africa has experienced a steady decline as the nation regresses to the norm of black existence prior to introduction of life-enhancing Western inventions. 

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