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October 2, 2016 -- Here's quick fix to potential discrimination lawsuits: Have the company CEO broadcast a forceful diatribe against the evils of the "all lives matter" mantra while endorsing "Black Lives Matter."

AT&T chief executive Randall Stephenson gave the talk to employees last week. One of those employees had the presence of mind to video record the session.

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Stephenson explained his enlightenment came while hearing a black friend and physician deliver a speech to a mostly white church. 

The doctor recalled being called "boy," being refused service at a restaurant, and fearing being stopped by police. 

The fact that Southerners have always referred to adult men as "boys" (including whites) is never considered. The fact that virtually everyone who has dined out has experienced bad service is never considered. The fact that virtually everyone gets nervous when the cop shows up in the rear-view mirror is never considered. 

So what's up with this?

It's what psychologist Dr. Robert J Lifton calls "language loading." 

The strategy was used by Chinese communist in the 1950s and a component through reform (brainwashing). It's a strategy commonly used by religious cults. It's also widely employed by cultural Marxism. 

Lifton described 'loading of the language' as follows: 

A rhetoric and a language that only permits the claims of the particular group to be expressed. Alternative claims are blocked out by the very language.

The far left uses this brainwashing strategy to control the narrative and reform our thoughts. 

Stephenson appears to be applying — wittingly or unwittingly — the 'loading of the language' brainwashing strategy; the same strategy that was used by communist in China in the 1950s. 

Here are more examples of language loading:

Cultural Marxism considers the term “illegal alien” to be offensively racist, in spite of the fact that illegal aliens are both illegal and alien. “Undocumented guest” is the cultural Marxism placement term, even if the illegal alien possesses a valid drivers license (a document) and was invited into the country by no one. (The word 'racist,' itself, is a loaded term introduced in 1933 by German psychologist Magnus Hirschfeld.)

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  1. Why doesn't this asshat sell his worldly possessions, move to the ghetto and show the bruthas he's down with the struggle against da man.

  2. white people built that company soetoro and his sons didn't build or do nuffins. isn't redic that white lives are not important under this fraudulent regime. i knew this was coming, i still can't believe they put that chit in the whitehouse.