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October 12, 2016 -- What we were told: Muslim migrants are refugees fleeing violence in their homelands. 

The truth: Muslim migrants are insurgents who are bringing their violence with them. 

That was made evident earlier this month when Afghan "refugees" brawled with Africans in northern Italy. 

The fight was captured on video. 


14 migrants from the South Tyrol capital of Bozen face charges after two mass brawls between Afghans, Africans and natives escalated on the Talferwiesen playing field on the 1st and 2nd of October. 9 special investigations were launched against migrants accused of particularly violent attacks, S├╝dtirol News reports. In this amateur video you can see a mob of Afghans chasing a man from Mali. Accompanied by police sirens, they wield sticks and cricket bats as they attempt to catch and beat him. Panicked bystanders flee the scene. The prosecution demanded that 22 year old Afghan Hotak Faisal, who can be seen charging with a cricket bat at the end, to be put in high security custody due to his extraordinarily violent behavior. He as well as all other migrants involved in the brawls remain on free foot as the punishment. Faisal has not been convicted of prior crimes and his sentence would be less than two years. Other migrants received oral warnings as well as a 3-year ban on entering the state. Two natives entangled in the brawl received warnings, one migrant from Morocco received a permanent ban from the area.

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