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September 14, 2016

via Twitter -- Fewer blacks support Hillary Clinton than any Democratic Party presidential candidate since 1960. 

That's the conclusion of

Granted, the overwhelming majority of low-intelligent blacks shuffle along in their procession to the plantation imagining they are on a freedom march. But a surprisingly high number of intelligent black Americans have turned their backs on Hillary. 

(I feel their pain. One such nasty old knuckle-dragging Neaderthal white hag lives in my neighborhood; loping along from house to house defaming my good name.) cites in noting that Hillary is polling only 73 percent of the black vote. That's dismal relative to past candidates. It explains why Hillary attempted to besmirch Donald Trump with the Alt Right connection: It was an act of desperation. 

Apparently the race card has lost its magical effect. It's about to expire.

"With Hispanic voters, Clinton is only leading Trump by around 10 points, 46.8% to 36.2%."

Hillary fits the image of the aging, pasty white plantation mistress who feigns compassion for her lowly Negroes as they toil in the hot sun picking her white cotton. Granted, most Africans in America still think they are free. Intelligent black Americans see through her fog. 

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  1. While blacks have many problems, they are also highly intuitive and skilled judges of character, at least from the negative aspect. Many of them have to be, to survive in their neighborhoods and in incarceration. They probably see immediately what a sketchy, uncaring, and most of all incompetent predator she is.