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September 22, 2016 -- Before you call me the 'R' word, stop for a moment and engage your privileged white brain: 

If four white thugs beat a black woman to death, how would you respond?

Would you rant about white racism? Or would you excuse the crime by saying something inane about black privilege?

Here's your opportunity:

A white woman was viciously beaten to death in a Florida parking lot. 

Arrested are four male Africans in America. 

How are your responding? Are you ranting about black racism? Or are you excusing the crime by thinking something inane about white privilege?

Imagine the media firestorm were a black female beaten to death by four white men. Of course, such white-on-black racial hatred does not exist outside Hollywood and the fantasies of history revisionists. 


Four people have been arrested in connection with a beating death last week in Escambia County.

On September 15, the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 2600 block of Hollywood Avenue where Sabrina McManus was found severely beaten in a parking lot. She was transported to an area hospital were she was pronounced dead.

Michael Culliver, 28, Stanley Olds, 20, Marcus Olds, 24, and Willie Tynell Dixon, 29, have all been arrested and charged with second degree murder.

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  1. America does not have a gun problem . It has a young black male problem with I.Q.'s about 80 . Get rid of them all .