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September 9, 2016 -- A black male walked into the unlocked front door. When the burglar pointed a gun and demanded money, the white father who lived in the home picked up his television and threw it at the burglar, sending him fleeing. 

The incident occurred in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Such experiences are the compelling reason behind white flight. 


A burglar walked right into a Kansas City home and pointed a gun at the people who live there, demanding money. When the father turned to defend his family, he channeled something you have in your home right now.

“I hopped up and grabbed it and just threw it like that at him and chased him out,” said John Sullivan, as he re-enacted what happened when he hurled his 30-pound, 50-inch flat screen TV across his living room.

“I didn`t even feel the weight,” he said. “It was like a piece of paper. It just flew across the room at the guy.”

That “guy” was a burglar who walked right through Sullivan’s unlocked front door and pointed a gun at him.

“I just jumped up,” Sullivan said. “I wasn`t thinking, just threw the TV at him, and charged right at him, screaming as loud as I can. So it was all instinct.”

It was the instinct to protect his family – as his wife sat just feet away from him in the living room, and his four little boys, ages 3 to 10, were tucked into their beds upstairs.

“They mean the world to me,” he said, “and all I could think about was protecting them the whole time and to just get that guy out of the house.”

Thankfully, Sullivan’s defense tactics worked. He scared off the burglar and his lookout, who both ran down the driveway and hopped into a getaway car.

“Just the invasion of property, you know?” Sullivan said of the most upsetting part. “They walked up, and threatened my family with a gun in my own living room. It`s troubling.”

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  1. I pistol would have been less likely to throw his back out...

    1. agree, but with little boys around, being pistol safe means an assault TV us usually WAY more convenient. Again, I agree.