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September 19, 2016 -- Sergeant Ken Steil, 46, died Saturday, September 17, 2016. 

Steil was hospitalized and scheduled for release after being shot by a black male. An unspecified complication led to his death. 

The shooting occurred the previous Monday in Detroit, Michigan. 

Arrested is 21-year-old Marquis Cromes. 


Sergeant Steil was recovering from a gunshot wound he suffered Monday night. He was pursuing an armed suspect named Marquis Cromer in the area of Seven Mile and Hayes. Police say the 21-year-old had been on an hours-long crime spree, and had just shot his own father and another person. During the pursuit, police say Cromer shot at Steil, hitting him in the shoulder with a sawed-off shotgun. At the time, Steil was said to make a full recovery.
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  1. in the real world its WHITE european people being genocided! every black that takes a knee in football is a traitor to america and should be sent back to africa and the whites with them, avoid the groid and groid football.

  2. and bless that sweet white family and nothin for the darkness.

  3. Humanity is lost in the shadows of Detroit. I abandoned my neighborhood but can't run from it's saddness. Only when ignorance and hate are abandoned will I return. Farewell dead souls!

  4. Yea, I heard about this case on CNN breaking news.

    LOL I got you all good with that one, aint that the truth