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September 7, 2016 -- Marine LePen, France's most notable patriot, recently addressed the European Union. 

In her address she praised the Brexit vote in which Britons voted to leave the European Union. 

Here are three things we can take away from her address:

First, the globalist left uses scare tactics. 

They tell us the sky is falling or that leaving the European Union will have dire effects on Britain. Facts seldom figure into their bullying strategy, and when they do use facts, they are usually skewed. 

Second, the globalist left vague and elliptical terminology. 

The left doesn't try to convince us they are correct. Rather, they bully us through name calling, intimidation, and bullying.

Third, decades of brainwashing isn't working. 

That is made evident in the Brexit vote. It also explains why the left is flooding Western nations with third-world invaders under the pretext of "refugees."

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  1. The problem over there is that the winning party usually wins 23 percent of the vote. In order to govern they must form a coalition, with whom? With the left.
    Good luck getting anything done.