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September 17, 2016 -- The media never have liked patriots. Top of their list to topple is Donald Trump. 

Trump has now triggered them with fodder, but it seems their best shots have backfired. Pardon the puns. 

With Hillary's hate for the Second Amendment clearly in his crosshairs, Trump challenged Hillary to disarm her Secret Service detail. 

If that weren't enough, he added, "And see what happens to her."

"Take their guns away," Trump said. "She doesn't want guns. Let's see what happens to her. Take their guns away. It would be very dangerous."

Democrats took the bait. Within moments they were running rampant with tweets and Facebook posts spreading Trump's comments as if they were intended to encourage the [the word 'assassination' has been deleted because I don't care for a visit from feds] of Hillary. 

Instead, the backlash did little more than give Trump hyuge publicity. You would think the left would have figured out Trump's strategies by now. 

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  1. Yes Mr. Fallon (a fitting name for a liberal by the way) I am OK with what Mr.Trump said. However you interpret is is your problem.

  2. there should be guide lines as to what canadates say and should be helt accountable. just because a person is running for the most powerful office in the world doesn't give them the right to insight violence on their opponent. if a normal citizen was to say something about our president, our front door would be kicked down and that person would be in handcuffs on their way to jail. then there is the 1st ammendment,it only envolves ,we the people who are poor,and those with mega bucks who have the power to buy there way out of whatever they say. the constatution is for we the people, all of us,not like our tax laws, loop holes for we the filthy rich.when will the polititions learn that,we the people sign off on their paychecks. shouldn't, we the people radify the constution to nullify their contract if they cannot work for our best interest and not their own