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September 22, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- A CNN reporter was assaulted by black rioters in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Such violence is nothing new. 

I'm old enough to remember the Watts riots in 1965. I also remember the 'long hot summer' of 1967 when 159 race riots erupted across the country. 

The following year I enrolled in a majority black high school and was 'privileged' to see 'negro rascality' (now called 'ratchet behavior') up close — for four years. 

Nothing has changed. 

The riots in Charlotte, North Carolina are an extension of innate black behavior and the cultural Marxism myth of victimization that fuels violence. 

The trigger in Charlotte was an armed black male who was fatally shot by a black police officer. 

Why are they rioting? 

First, because they have been taught to be hateful rather than grateful. Second, because they're not intelligent enough to know they're being duped. 

The average IQ of black Americans remains at 85. That is, about half of blacks have IQs below 85. These gullible individuals have the intellects of children in the bodies of adults. They are impressionable and easily manipulated — and easily triggered. 

According to the Washington Post, there have been 706 police shootings that have resulted in fatalities year to date. 

50 percent of the victims were white and 26 percent were black. That is, whites are killed by police twice as often as blacks. Imagine if whites rioted every time one of their own was shot and killed by police. 

Whites don't riot because they understand the necessity of police force to maintain order. Moreover, whites don't have the privilege of perpetual victimization. 

It remains, however, that blacks comprise a disproportionate number of victims of fatal police shootings. That is because blacks commit a disproportionate of violent crimes. 

52.2 percent of homicides were committed by blacks, nearly all by young males ages 18 to 49 who comprise about 4 percent of the nation's population. 

When 4 percent of the population commits about half of all violent crimes, we would expect the fatality rate by police to be much higher than 26 percent. 

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  1. why not build KFC'S all over africa and pay them a cruise ship back, im sure taxpayers would be thrilled for this expense. oh and malt liquor stores can't leave that out.

  2. I wonder if the CNN reporter will continue to spread the lies that CNN has always spread about the poor oppressed blacks. Most likely.

  3. Quote: "According to the Washington Post, there have been 706 police shootings that have resulted in fatalities year to date. 50 percent of the victims were white and 26 percent were black. That is, whites are killed by police twice as often as blacks."

    This statement is somewhat misleading, since these figures show that blacks are killed at TWICE their numerical percentage of the US population, whereas whites are killed at considerably less than their population percentage. In other words, if the black and white population were equal in number, blacks killed by cops would be approximately four times that of whites. But why conceal this fact? OF COURSE more blacks die from cop shootings because they commit more violent crimes than whites. So say it loud and proud: more blacks die at the hands of cops than whites. Per capita, that's a fact. But it's a fact this site should promote, not obfuscate.

    Ward Kendall, author of "Hold Back This Day" (amazon) a novel about white racial survival you will never forget.


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