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September 15, 2016 -- A mob of Islamic insurgents attacked locals in Bautzen, Germany. 

The Germans had the audacity to fight back, earning the pejorative "far-right activist" from the mainstream globalist media. 

The melee started when Islamic slugs began hurling bottles and boards at the Germans. (Apparently there were no rocks readily available.) 

Police said “the altercation was started by the asylum seekers.”

• The globalist left assures us that we can all live together in a mosaic of peace and harmony; that is assuming, of course, that white people learn not to be racists. 

The truth is: Many people can live harmonious in a multicultural setting. The globalist left, however, has no interest in societal harmony. Rather, they stoke ethnic conflicts then present Marxism as the solution. 


About 20 refugees clashed with some 80 locals, many of them reportedly far-right activists in the eastern German town of Bautzen, with both sides throwing bottles at each other and attacking police. The town has seen similar confrontations in recent months.Around 80 locals, many of whom were “apparently” far-right activists according to police, clashed with some 20 migrants in Bautzen’s market square on Wednesday evening.

Both crowds yelled at each other, with the far-right supporters reportedly shouting slogans that the marketplace and the town belong to Germans.

The confrontation escalated rapidly as asylum seekers started hurling bottles and wooden boards, the police said, adding in a statement that “the altercation was started by the asylum seekers.”

About 100 police officers arrived on the scene, but found themselves in the middle of the fight, Spiegel magazine said.

Police used pepper spray and batons to separate the far-right activists and migrants, but unrest continued overnight.

Meanwhile, the far-right supporters followed the migrants back to their refugee center shouting nationalist slogans despite officers’ efforts to keep the groups separated.

Throughout the night, three refugee centers in Bautzen were surrounded by police, who demanded the migrants stay there for their own safety.

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  1. According to German media I've read these immigrants are known to hang out at the marketplace all day long, drinking and picking fights with the townspeople for no reason. The Germans who finally fought back were mainly ordinary young German men, NOT right wing extremists or neonazis as described by English-language media.

    Apparently some leftists were hanging out with the refugees, as they often do, to show how multicultural and tolerant they are. Some of the refugees attacked the leftists, and then started throwing bottles and rocks at a group of about 80 Germans standing on the other side of the road. Those Germans threw bottles and rocks back and then attacked the refugees. One refugee had his arm sliced up by a German with a knife. Eventually the Germans chased the refugees back to the asylum, with police also present.

  2. well dumb america follow the game plan.

  3. I saw the words "Germans fight back" and couldn't believe it.Better late than never.

  4. Could this the start of a trend? I hope so.

  5. Agreed, better late then never. To all proud Germans, show them they have awakened the dormant beast of race realism. White guilt will perish and a proud people will rise again.
    du hast mich

  6. I am American, and I am so proud of you my German brothers and sisters, fight back the globalists oppression and take back your freedoms and culture and we will do the same here in America together we will crush the terranic globalists, with the almighty Christ at are side.

    God speed my German brothers and sisters