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September 18, 2016 -- Imagine the outrage if Donald Trump "went full racial" and demanded white people vote for him ...  because he and they are white. 

There was no outrage, however, when Obama urged black voters to support Hillary to defend his legacy as the first blackish president. 


"I will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election," Obama said with a stern look and booming passion. "You want to give me a good send-off, go vote."

Now, imagine the outrage had this been the news item:

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump said Saturday that he will take it as a “personal insult” if the White American community fails to turn out for the presidential election and encouraged white voters to support him.

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  1. Typical hypocrisy that I've grown to expect in this day and age. The White man is the repository of all sins, and non whites possess nothing but virtue. By the way, Obama's REAL legacy will be the terror attacks that are happening and will continue to happen in this country. His policies for open borders, Islamic immigration, multiculturalism, and diversity will be this nations downfall.

  2. That POS was our first affirmative Action President who was a total disaster.

  3. soetoro is afraid his rat ass with the hildabeast might get prison. and ruin all the destruction this shill group has created.

  4. We Americans have been led by an evil man for the past eight years. He refuses to acknowledge GOD, he refuses to acknowledge terrorism and he refuses to acknowledge that he has caused the racial divide that is responsible for riots and destructiomn through out the USA.