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September 18, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- The two convicts said they murdered 66-year-old Judy Salamon because they thought she was video-recording them. 

In reality Mario Floyd, 24, and Stephon Lee, 25, were convicted of robbing and murdering Salamon.

Like many white Americans, Salamon was apparently fed up with black crime. She was noted for her proactive efforts to stem crime in her neighborhood. 

The crime occurred in Oakland, California in 2013. The convictions were reported in September, 2016. 

Apparently, the victim was only armed with a camera and not a firearm, possibly due to California's rigid gun laws. 

From sfgate.com:

According to prosecutors, Floyd and Lee, who goes by the street name “Feenie,” were upset on the afternoon of July 24, 2013, believing that Salamon had been following them and filming them with her phone.

Floyd got out of a car on Fern Street near Fairfax Avenue, argued with Salamon and threw a trash bin at her, Ford said. Lee then allegedly fired three shots from a Glock pistol, one of which struck Salamon in the head, and got into the passenger’s seat of the men’s car. Salamon’s car rolled backward and crashed into a parked vehicle.

The suspects made a U-turn at the top of a hill, prosecutors said, and returned to Salamon, who investigators believe was still alive and may have struggled with Floyd as he allegedly stole her phone. Floyd’s DNA was found on the victim’s fingernails, according to testimony from an expert witness.

Police seized Lee’s phone and discovered a pair of photos in it that appeared to show Salamon’s phone, one of which reflected Lee’s face. The photos may have been taken as Lee tried to sell the device, Ford said.

Though authorities don’t believe Floyd was the shooter, jurors held him responsible for Salamon’s slaying under the state’s felony-murder rule, which allows people who didn’t kill anyone to be charged with murder if they participated in a crime that led to a death — in this case, the robbery of Salamon’s phone.

“Judy Salamon’s family is never going to be made whole,” Ford said. 

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  1. Just another couple of mud people who have no value of human life at all.untill the white men of our country decide to make a stand , this will continue and we will be another third world country .I just hope we wake up before it's late.


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