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September 30, 2016 -- The world's largest hate group, Islam, has flogged six women for violating its dress code. 

The punishment occurred in Syria’s northeastern Raqqa City.

The women were flogged in the city's central marketplace. 

Shariah law requires women to wear burqa, outfits that resemble Klan robes, except they are black. 

The average IQ in Syria is 83. 

There was no outrage from feminists who pretend to defend women's rights worldwide. In reality, feminism is a component of cultural Marxism that targets traditional Western families. Because Islam also targets Western culture, feminists seldom complain about the abuse of Muslim women. 

Hillary Clinton plans to import tens of thousands of Muslims into the United States if elected president. Globalist are wholly unconcerned by acts of terror and abuses of women caused by Islam. The greater good — destruction of the West — takes precedence over human rights. 

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