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September 20, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- Six Christian refugees were forced off a flimsy raft to certain death in the sea. 

Accused of the murders are a Muslim from Cameroon and his companion. 

Alain N. B. is facing murder charges in Spain for the 2014 homicides. His companion died before he was charged. 

Telegraph.co.uk reports the black male and his friend severely beat a Nigerian pastor on the raft, then chucked him overboard along with fellow Christians. The Muslims blamed the Christians' prayers for bad weather. 

• Oddly, the black Muslims were escaping black Muslim nations to seek refuge in white Christian European nations. While Muslims show no compassion for Christians or white Europeans, white Europeans embrace black Muslims as an oppressed group and welcome them into our cultures. 

Once black Muslims arrive in Western Christian nations they refuse to assimilate and continue to hate our culture, even as they exploit it. 

• Liberals are livid over patriotic Americans they refer to as a "basket of deplorables." Those "deplorables" comprise about 25 percent of the American population, but are unconcerned about the massive wave of hundreds of thousands of Muslims; members of the world's largest, oldest, and deadliest hate group. 

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  1. negro is the same brutal genetic primitive hominid wherever its at.

  2. If our scientists were not muzzled & censored, afraid of losing their jobs or lives, they would assert that the negro is a different species. NOT homo sapiens.

    They would also disavow the idea of "Native Americans." The first people in North America were Europeans...and NOT Asians crossing a "land bridge" from Siberia.


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