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September 25, 2016 -- Had today's privileged white liberals been Germans living during the Third Reich, would they have done something to stop the supposed Jewish holocaust? 

Here's a question to test their meddle: There is currently a holocaust occurring in real time — our time — in sub-Saharan Africa. 

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An estimated 6-million sub-Saharan black Africans are 'teetering on the edge of famine,' according to aid groups. 

No one seems to care; not even privileged white American liberals who project themselves as anti-racists and defenders of black people. Could it be because the victims are black? Or because the insurgents are the Islamic Boko Haram? Or both. 

Cultural Marxism pretends to care about black people. Black lives matter, they say. 

Apparently the 6-million black lives in Nigeria are an exception. The far left would rather focus on exploitable black people, such as street thugs who are killed by police in self defense. 

Hypocritically, the far left decries Hitler's National Socialist for allegedly murdering 6-million Jews during the Third Reich. However, when the 6-million victims are black Africans being slaughtered and starved on our watch, the far left turns a blind eye, deaf ear, and cold heart. 

Cultural Marxism embraces Muslims as victims of Islamophobia but doesn't embrace Nazis as victims of Naziphobia. 

It seem cultural Marxism is hell-bent on destroying Western civilization. From the ashes it imagines a Marxist utopia will be built. Such nonsense is the meandering mindset commonly found in doomsday cults. The difference being: Other doomsday fail in igniting Armageddon whereas the cultural Marxism cult is actually succeeding.

 More than 6 million people in Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon face severe hunger, including 1 million on the edge of famine, as a result of Boko Haram violence, aid agencies said on Friday as they appealed for more money to tackle the regional crisis.


The Islamist group’s seven year insurgency to create an Islamic state in northeast Nigeria has killed 15,000 people and forced 2.4 million to flee their homes.

More than 65,000 people are living in famine in pockets of northeast Nigeria, and over one million others are “one step away” from famine, a coalition of 15 aid groups including Oxfam, the International Rescue Committee and Catholic Relief Services said.

“What we are seeing is families teetering on the edge of famine,” Yannick Pouchalan, country director for Nigeria for Action Against Hunger, said in a statement.

“We see families who have not eaten for days, many are begging for food.”

In some areas of Nigeria’s Borno state, more than half of children under five suffer acute malnutrition, similar to the rates seen in Somalia in 2011, when the scale and severity of hunger led to a declaration of famine, the aid groups said.

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