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September 15, 2016 -- 9-year-old Jack Garcia was handcuffed and beaten to death. He was accused of eating a slice of birthday cake without permission. 

Arrested is 31-year-old Robert Leroy Wilson.

Wilson was the boyfriend of the victim's mother. Wilson is black. Garcia was white. 

The crime occurred in Hagerstown, Maryland and was reported in July, 2016. 

The mainstream national media ignored the crime.

Read the local news report prior to the boy's death here ►

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• The false Roots narrative of American history portrays white slave owners as brutal beasts who routinely beat their slaves. In reality it was illegal to beat slaves during the American slave era. 

The truth is that white Americans suffer the brunt of the African village mindset that seems to be innate in low-intelligent black Americans. 

• Had a white man beaten a black 9-year-old boy to death the media frenzy would be endless. Hollywood would, no doubt, be making a documentary. 

Because such white-on-black crimes are virtually unknown, Hollywood concocts screenplays — such as The Green Mile — in which whites learn to empathize with black thugs accused of brutalizing white children. In the Hollywood versions, the accused black attacker is falsely accused and becomes the victim.

Sadly, most are unable to distinguish between Hollywood's thought reform and the reality suffered by children such as Jack Garcia. 

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