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September 20, 2016 -- The Muslim mayor of London, England encouraged his fellow Muslims not to assimilate with Western culture, but to cling to their Islamic traditions. 

London mayor Sadiq Khan’s asserted that Islamic migrants to Britain should not have to assimilate.

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Muslims are fleeing failed Islamic cultures to Western nations where they feed off their hosts like human parasites. Eventually the life will be sucked out of their hosts and they will have nowhere else to find refuge. 

So why do Western leftists insist on welcoming members of the massive hate group into their nations? The far left apparently wants to destroy Western culture. In a doomsday-like vision of our future, the far left imagines the future destruction of Western culture. Then, from the ashes, a idealistic Marxism society will emerge. Such nonsense is the norm among religious cults.

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  1. This slurpee salesman wants integration within assimilation. In other words he wants to siphon off western civilization.They come to sponge!

  2. Correction,I meant to say that third world peeps want integration "WITHOUT "assimilation. They want the benefits of western civilization,but often hate our values.They have no problem with fraud & corruption since its a way of life in the third world.They want us to change & convert,meanwhile they steal our jobs & refuse to adapt to our norms.