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after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

September 23, 2016

By Kenn Daily

DAILYKENN.com -- In 1961 renowned psychologist Dr. Robert J Lifton published a book on thought reform (brainwashing).

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'Loading of the language' is one of Lifton's eight elements of thought reform used by cults to reform the thoughts of victims. The strategy is also widely used by cultural Marxism.

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Lifton described 'loading of the language' as follows: 

A rhetoric and a language that only permits the claims of the particular group to be expressed. Alternative claims are blocked out by the very language.

The far left uses this brainwashing strategy to control the narrative and reform our thoughts. 

For example: Cultural Marxism considers the term “illegal alien” to be offensively racist, in spite of the fact that illegal aliens are both illegal and alien. “Undocumented guest” is the cultural Marxism placement term, even if the illegal alien possesses a valid drivers license (a document) and was invited into the country by no one. (The word 'racist,' itself, is a loaded term introduced in 1933 by German psychologist Magnus Hirschfeld.)

Here is a partial list of loaded terms that I have encountered. Some are neologisms invented by the far left. Others are terms hijacked by the left for the express purpose of thought reform. If you can think of others, please add them in the comment section below.

• Equity
• Ageism
• Division
• Hostility
• Objectify
• Exclusion
• Polarizing
• Confusion
• Ignorance
• Triggering
• Normalize
• Xenohobe
• Dog whistle
• Implicit bias
• Homophobe
• Proto-fascist
• Islamophobe
• McCarthyism
• Social justice
• Glass ceiling
• Racist/racism
• Sexist/sexism
• White Fragility
• Empowerment
• White privilege
• Disenfranchise
• People of color
• Microinequities
• Fascist/fascism
• Social construct
• Native American
• Male dominance
• Systemic racism
• Disparate impact
• African American
• Polarized society
• Toxic masculinity
• White supremacy
• Micro aggression
• Feminist/feminism
• Institutional racism
• Indigenous people
• Critical race theory
• Hate (or hate group)
• Undocumented guest
• Cultural appropriation
• Undocumented worker
• Climate change denier
• Spew hate on the Internet
• “Don’t you know it’s [current year]?”

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